Tuesday, March 2, 2010

E-Session Teaser | Stef + Rob

WARNING, This is only a teaser...

I want to save my words for the full E-Session post.

However, I will say this...I'm really pumped for this E-Session because Stef + Rob opted for one of my signature Guest Sign in Books which I plan on using as a studio sample.  So they are my models :)  Once the book comes in i'm definitely gonna blog about it.

Until the full post, check out this sample photo.  One of my favourites, and it's hard to narrow it down because I have a lot!





Anonymous said...

awesome pics, rob looks so dreamy, congrats

Anonymous said...

They are wonderfull pictures.....just remeber to be as happy twenty years from now when you look back at them. Congratulations.
From Unc Bob's Co-workwer frnd

Anonymous said...

great picture! looks like you should be in a magazine ;)