Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Balanced Lifestyle + One More from Rob + Stef

I was listening to a song by Bon Iver called "Skinny Love" and there is a moment in the song when he mentions something about BEING PATIENT, BEING FINE, BEING BALANCED AND BEING KIND! And I loved it, if you follow me on facebook you'll know I am all about the inspirational quotes. Sayings that inspire me throughout the day that I try to share it with people in hopes that I could encourage just one person to think differently for a day or even to put a smile on their face.

This line in the song, made me think about how important it is to live a balanced lifestyle.  Now, balanced to you  means something different to me but I would want you to think about everything you would want to do throughout the day and at least TRY to do it.

Doing this might be tough at first because it would mean a switch to your regular routines, but once you get into the habit of this new routine you will be so thankful you read this post :)  Change is great!  Set a weekly goal, write it in your calendar and stick to it.  You just have to be disciplined, after all "Without a passion for discipline, the most beautiful of dreams have zero value." - Unknown

I always try to make sure my day consists of the following:
- > Me time - I usually wake up in the morning, lie in bed for 10 mins, stretch, put my headphones on and make an amazing breakfast shake full of nutrients :)
- > Exercise - Usually Yoga, or the gym.
- > Work time - This is when I return emails, blog, edit, sort through photos, Market...EVERYTHING relating to work.
- > Personal Goals - I try to schedule in some personal goal planning if possible..
- > Reading - I try to read at least 40  pages a day
- > Leisure time - Time with my friends or family.  You always have to make time for this.  The right people will always bring balance to your life.
- > And time to REST... After a certain time I stop everything and I rest...my mind clears and I do whatever I want

So try and make time for yourself and remain balanced...I promise you over time you will be so happy you did:)

And of course what is a blog post without a photo...1 More from Rob + Stef's E-Session.



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steve i said...

Great job brother. You made these 2 look good, God knows that wasn't easy ;) haha. Love you guys.