Thursday, July 23, 2009

Madhu + Riaz | Full Wedding + Live like a beginner

"Live like a beginner!"

I am a big fan of Jason Mraz and I was reading his blog the other day when I came across something he wrote. Some fan asked him why he had a tattoo that said "beginner" and he responded by saying... "When I started surfing, I had to let go of the fact that I wasn’t going to look as cool as everyone else - that I wasn’t going to catch every wave, and if I did, it wasn’t going to be graceful. I found myself paddling-out next to pros wishing I were wearing a sign that said “beginner” just so they would know that I was cool being at this level. I began to notice that beginners had more fun anyway. They don’t get uptight when someone else scores the wave, nor do they know the conditions well enough to say it’s a good or bad day for waves; therefore, Beginners love regardless of condition, or shall I say, Beginners Love UNCONDITIONALLY." In Zen it is said that the beginners mind is a great place to come from." This train of thought inspired me to do the same thing in my life, to do everything as if it were my very first time doing it, regardless of how many times I may have done it in the past. The point is to make it count, have fun and put a smile on your face :)

That's my thought of the day. I encourage you all to try this and let me know how it goes :)

Now onto another full wedding that I photographed back in May. The photos have been ready for a while, but Madhu & Riaz decided they wanted a slideshow as well so here it is!

I have a special place in my heart for Madhu & Riaz. They were the second wedding I have ever booked and the very first wedding I photographed on my own, with my very own crew. We had 3 camera's going that day!!! Now I definitely admit that 3 cameras are completely unnecessary and the photos repeat themselves but give me a break, I was nervous, it being my first wedding on my own. (Allow me to clarify, I have done plenty of weddings on my own in the past, but this was the first wedding I photographed under "Julian Moniz" THE BUSINESS!!!)

I remember my first meeting with Madhu & Riaz...It was in a Timothy's cafe and they arrived unfashionably late. The meeting lasted quite sometime but it was all worth it. They were super awesome to work with and I loved every minute of it. I want to thank you both for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to capture each and every moment on your wedding day. I sincerely wish you both nothing but the best and a lifetime of happiness. Tell the family I miss them :)



Madhu and Riaz said...

WOW Julian - simply amazing! You my dear just brought the 2 of us to tears at 2:01am as we re-live our dream wedding day. We thank you from the bottom of our heart for capturing every perfect moment and bringing it to life. Meeting you was our blessed fate and being part of our special day was magical. You are such an outstanding individual with so much character and such a positive attitude. We wish you great success in your journey and we hope you continue to inspire others as you did us. We miss you & can't wait to see you soon:)
Love Madhu & Riaz

julian moniz said...

I love you guys :)))

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how ashamed I should be that I've never heard of Jason Mraz, however I love this quote you chose from him, and I completely agree with it. If you think about it, every time one tries something new, it's always an interesting, exciting, and/or scary feeling. One may be nervous at first but once they attempt it, they either really like it or they don't. The best part is to say that you tried it and of course make it a worthwhile attempt.

Now as for the beautiful storybook of pictures...
I love every moment that you captured on this beautiful day. From beginning to end, I feel as if I were actually there. The pictures are beautiful and the song you chose really adds to the story. Capturing all the great details definitely top off the unforgettable day for this happy couple. Overall, I think your passion for people and photography are very relevant in your works of art. Keep it up JM! I look forward to seeing more work from the beginner :)

- Bee

~ Leah and Julian ~ said...

These pictures are absolutely stunning!! You are so talented!! Fantastic photography and a beautiful couple!!!!!

~ Leah & Julian


julian moniz said...

Thanks guys...I really appreciate it :-)