Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Great Gabby :)

Howdy ya'll,

I know Gabby has been DYING to see these photos so I definitely wanted to get them up for her before the long weekend arrives. Ps. Gabster, your photos are ready for pick up.. :-)

Gabby opted for a studio + on location shoot. We were trying to get this shoot done for weeks, unfortunately this Toronto summer, or lack of summer kept postponing the shoot. Every time we scheduled a date the weather channel would forecast rain a few days later. Eventually I stuck to my guns and I said with or without rain we are getting this done, so we sucked it up, held our breath and bit our bottom lip praying that no rain would pour down on us and luckily enough WE DID IT!

A little history behind Gabby. She is a singer and she is coming out with an album and as soon as she informs me of a link to a website/myspace you will be able to CLICK HERE to check her out.

The CD is called "Love for the Loveless" (not sure if I am supposed to reveal that information) so if you check this post more than once and you notice this paragraph is missing, it's probably because she yelled at me. Anywho, when she told me the title of the album I instantly reminded me of this particular location and I was pretty certain on the look I was trying to get.

On that note, I am going to bed...Awesome job Gabby and supporting crew Julia + Nickolooch!!! It was an extraordinarily fun day!



A lil behind the scenes action...

This picture defines Gabby...Love it!!!

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