Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Andrea + Armindo | Full Wedding

Andrea (MOH) + Armindo

I want to thank you for being you!!!

I had a blast photographing your wedding and more importantly I love being around the two of you. 

Your humour and ear to ear smiles spark up an energy inside me that I can't explain nor do I want to, because I love it!!!   The beautiful essence in your love is how that energy you possess never changes.  You had it the moment I met you at Lisa's wedding, when you emailed me and told me you were getting married, when you sat on my couch and on your wedding day.  

Please keep smiling because it is contagious :) You are incredible people and a PERFECT couple...

I love you guys.

Enjoy The photos and Please leave a comment at the end of the post!!!



Anonymous said...

Oh Julian, what can I say about your talent, creativity and patience... except, you had me at MOH!

We can't thank you enough for all of your wonderful ideas, capturing all the happiness and love of our special day and for keeping things fun! You caught moments we didn't even knew happened :)

The pictures are amazing and we can't wait to see the rest!

Thanks so much
Mrs Q

ChristieMillarPrior said...

Amazing and wonderful.

I watched it three times in a row!!

Loved everything about it but mostly that it absolutley captured who Mindo & Andrea are as a couple and as of people... fun, funny, creative, whimsical, devoted to eachother,their families and friends and of course madly in love.

Michelina said...

Just Beautiful.....Picture Perfect

Buffy123 said...

I can't pick a favourite--they are ALL favourites. The picutres caputred the pure joy and happiness of the day! Love you Mrs. Q!
Peggy D.

Anonymous said...

Julian - you captured the besuty and joy that we all love about Andrea. I watched it over and over.

Simply beautiful.


dina said...

Julian, you are a genius behind that camera. Fabulous work, as always!

elizabeth said...

Absolutely Breathtaking.

Amazing composition and colour. Very creative and intrigueing.

Andrea and Armindo you look amazing.

Thank you for sharing your photos and special day with us.

Elizabeth, Ethen and Peter:)

lisa said...

Great photos R&R!! you guys look amazing and very natural!! Can't wait to see more!!

Anonymous said...

These pictures really capture the love you two share!!
I won`t forgive you Anj for the chicken dance!!

irene said...

I, myself am a huge fan of photography and seeing your wedding photos depicts not only the professional equipment used but the satisfaction of knowing you have invested in quality lifelong memories for your wedding day. There is purpose and conduct in how each frame is planned out in the shots. This demonstrates how your photographer was in total control and had the creative edge to make every shot worthwhile. You both looked extremely comfortable which is very important when you’re being photographed as you want a natural outcome. I’m certain everyone who had the opportunity to view your pictures share the same feelings as I do. And although I was unable to attend the wedding, your pictures have made me feel as if I were there celebrating the love you two will share forever.
Irene D.R.

Marijana said...

OMG - I don't even know where to begin! These are more than just beautiful photographs. They're treasured memories that will last a lifetime. Can I tell you how much I was laughing at the church photo where Armindo is kissing towards the photographer!!! Is that evil? Love, love, love the dancing photo (with the straw hats). I won't ask!


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos Andrea! We had SO much fun celebrating with you and Armindo! Can we do it again?