Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Expect The Unexpected + Appreciate The Unpredictable

One aspect of my job that I truly love is the ability to capture priceless moments. So priceless that it could bring tears to the eyes of those who see it. One photograph can truly tell a story and I like to consider myself a story teller. I LOVE IT!

These priceless, unexpected moments are always present in our lives and we never know when they will come but one lesson we should all learn is to expect it. I am sure we have heard the phrase "expect the unexpected" before... But I not only anticipate it, I also appreciate the unpredictable.

Life is full of unpredictable moments, but isn't that one of the most beautiful aspects of life? The fact that we DON'T know what is going to happen next... it may be good or it may be bad, who knows??? That's life! If it's something bad, we don't fall down, we pick ourselves up and learn from whatever may have unexpectedly knocked us down, what doesn't defeat us will only make us stronger.

A lot of times life will throw us unexpected, incredible joys and how great of a feeling is it to experience these beautiful moments? Life would be too simple if we always knew what would happen next, it would be boring and predictable. One long, straight, boring road. The fact is, life isn't long, straight and boring. It's full of twists, turns, hills, sunsets, sunrises and so much more...

I say, APPRECIATE the fact that we never know what tomorrow has in store for us. Anticipate and recognize simple priceless moments in your lives...life is too short to continuously worry about every little thing.

In light of today's topic, I though I would show just a couple of beautiful, priceless unpredictable moments from Christina + Marco's Wedding.

Enjoy and as always if you agree or disagree, I would love to hear what you think...Leave a comment :)


The way he is staring at her is so absolutely incredible...I don't think he blinked for a good 2 mins.
Chris' mom & dad...BEAUTIFUL!!!

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