Friday, April 23, 2010

My First Trip to NYC aka. The Concrete Jungle!!!

The much anticipated blog post has finally arrived.

Several of you have been asking me when these photos would be going up and I personally could not wait to share my first time in NYC with you lovely people.  I have been extremely busy with school but now I am proud to announce that I am officially finished my post secondary education.  Life will truly be lived from here on out, that is a promise! (To me)

Now on to NYC...

The ride was long and rough...but I somehow managed to make it on only 2 hours of sleep.  (not recommended BTW) We arrived in the big city, but took a detour to Brooklyn to pick up what I initially went there for ... My brand new Canon 5D mkII, equip with my new 50mm f/1.2 and 16-35mm f/2.8 lenses!!! NYC is a perfect place to test out new gear :)

I went with 2 friends Amanda + Kev (they made sure I mentioned them...hi guys).  They told me I would have a tough time dealing with them throughout the trip, but they were fine, partially because I learned to tune them out :)  But seriously, they showed me the NYC ropes, as I was inexperienced.  Their main objective was to insure that I had a good time and that I took some stellar photos, which I will let you judge for yourself.  I would have been lost without you guys, so thank you very very much for introducing me to the big city which I have now fallen in love with.  This trip will never be forgotten.

Truth is the true appreciation of the city didn't kick in until a couple of hours before we left.  I didn't get to see close to as much as I wanted to, but that's ok because now it gives me more reason to keep going back...and each time I go, Roxy (the name I gave my camera this weekend) is coming along for the ride.

NYC is amazingly awesome and I look forward to sharing many more adventures with you from  there and around the world...simply because I want to see it all :) (and so does Roxy)

Enjoy the photos and be sure to check out the slideshow on the bottom as well.  Or CLICK HERE to view it in a seperate window.

I also have some photos posted from my facebook profile which Kevin uploaded.  Click Here.

LEAVE A COMMENT...ONE LUCKY PERSON WHO COMMENTS WILL WIN A FREE NYC PRINT :)  I am going to randomly select a name and I promise it will be legit.  Just leave your name (first and last) and your facebook contact if I don't already know you.

And if anyone is interested in purchasing a NYC photo, either up on this blog or from the slideshow CONTACT ME.  I will be printing out a few canvas' and Stand Out mounts for myself ASAP!!!



David Arduini said...

Can I be the first to comment...

Julz...these pics are fantastic!! I love NYC too. The first time I went, I wanted to take the next flight home because I hated it for some reason...then after doing some exploring...I actually appreciated it more and more and then kept going back.

Anyways, pics are awesome, camera is amazing, and can't wait for more pics to come once you start traveling the world.

Good luck and keep up the fantastic work!

Dave Arduini

Richard Salonga said...

Julian. You continue to impress me. The photos that you take are amazing. It is as if I was on the trip with you when I look at the pictures. Maybe next time as I have never been to NYC.

Looking forward to the end of the month. great job as always Julian

Robert Mauriell said...

Hey Julz,

Listen...I particularly like the photo of your silhouetted friends crossing the deserted streets with the sun setting!! Anyways good job as always...;)

nat said...

Julian....your number one fan here!

The slideshow was spectacular...not only is it an amazing memory for you and your friends to keep forever of your trip to NYC, but you've displayed your unique talent once again.

NYC is in the top two of the vacations I've ever been on and you've made me go crazy after seeing these pictures because now all I can think about is NYC!!

#1. The one with "Whole food markets in the background" and the couple about to kiss off to the side (I'm a sap I know)
#2 The last shot on the blog..what a true representation of the heart of NYC (as we know it

It was well worth the wait my friend...the pictures are great.

Patricia Sequeira said...

Julian I think these are my favourite pictures by far! Ive always wanted to take a trip to New York cause i too have never been and these pictures just fill that urge even more!! These pics bring out the soul of New York..
As always, Great job!

Anonymous said...

Way cool!
Your truly,

KStar said...

ugh, you really did tune us out
Slideshow is amazing, so grateful for the trip and having you there to document it all so beautifully.

Amanda said...

Could you just come to NYC with me so you can document my entire trip!? Ridiculous Julian.
You know which one is my fav, but they are all simply perfect.
You did my city proud in these shots.

amanda badiali

Pavalogo said...
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Rhea Dadole said...

WOW Julian...AMAZINGGG!!! makes me want to go to New York! loved your work, you definitely have a gift!

Looking forward to end of May :)

Cheers!! :)

Rhea Dadole said...

Wow Julian.. AMAZING!!! makes me want to go to the NYC! you definitely have a gift!!!

Looking forward to end of May :)

Cheers!! :)

Rob Schiavello said...

Julez I just watched the slideshow...buddy man I have Goosebumps. Nat and I had the most amazing time in NYC and your pictures just brought those memories back...I love the pics with people in them b/c NYC would be nothing without them. I love all the pics of the street performers...true essence of New York.

Tanya said...

AMAZING!!!! I want to go back now! The slide show was incredible! I guess it just goes to show the difference between your skills and mine.. my pictures did not come out half as good as those.. lol

Great Job J!

Anonymous said...

Ahh I definitely did not forget to visit the b-spot! I've been overwhelmed with studying and took a relaxing in the mood and here I am...on your blog once again :) With that said, this comment may be classified as a short story! already know how I feel about your work and always have been able to read my comments about it, but you've never really been able to experience my physical reactions to it. As soon as I saw the picture of you sitting on the curb I instantly smiled on the inside and out. Although you didn't take the shot, I guess it was the model in the scene and the mood of the shot that I was amazed's nice to see the photographer get photographed!

I've never been to New York and it's definitely on my list of things to do. But I'm glad I got to see some of it through your've captured scenes and memories I can already envision on display in a gallery! I don't usually have ONE favourite but if I HAD to pick one that I'd display, it would be the "Come Fly Away" one from the slide show but in black and white.

I'm excited to see what you and Roxy see next!!


- Bee

julian moniz said...

I'm loving all your comments guys...It truly makes my day when I read them!!! I will be doing a draw very soon so keep 'em coming.

Mr. Mojo Risin said...


I love you.

- Mauro Russo (of The One-Look DonnyBrook)

Isabel da Silva said...

These pictures are fantastic!!! you've captured NYC in amazing light :) I'm excited to see more of your work...its beautiful..
It's great to see a photographer that can put all his heart,soul and being into his photos.
Your talented and inspiring!
You WILL have most success in the future ahead- and its ONLY just begun, hun!!!

nat said...

Julian...I posted a comment a while know it's me...but JUST IN CASE...Nat on April 23 at 8:28 am=Natalie Herce :) I want to be entered in the draw yo!

PS. The NYC pics never get old...I could look at them all day!

Soralia said...

WOW...Have I ever told you how Phenomenal your pictures are??

I absolutely adore them!! You have talent son. Your pictures are like dessert for your eyes lol...

Love it


Liana said...

wow! amazing pictures. it makes me want to book a flight there are incredible!

Liana Saccoccia

Danielle Calleri said...

Wow your photos are amazing! You are so talented...

Danielle Calleri

Stefanie Filippelli said...

Your crazy!!! Your pictures perfectly captured NYC!!! I love how you went to the beat of the music. MKUTZ would be proud!