Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fine Art Photography | Toronto

So the season is beginning to slow down and I find myself "lost".

 I realize just how much I love having a camera in my hands, I love having the ability to be in control of a situation. I love being able to compose beauty and frame what I define as art.  I love being able to just go with the flow and snap away wildly, but as the season slows down I have fewer chances to do this...Now I seek inspiration, because I realize I can't remain stagnant.  I need to go with the flow and find that which inspires me. . ."Every second is a door to eternity. The door is opened by perception. Inspiration is that state in which mind and heart are connected."The world to me is full of unexpected beauty, it can be seen in the rarest of places and all you have to do is OPEN YOUR EYES to see it.  Art is in the composition!   To me, this means you have to always be aware and open minded. See things from an open perspective and in a different light. If you can connect that which your mind recognizes to your heart, inspiration will arise.  So I invite you to open your minds and your hearts and search for the connection, you may be surprised at what you will find.

Photography to me is much more than attempting to create beauty, which can be extremely difficult.  It is about finding beauty, bringing out true emotions and feelings from your subjects  Shooting from the heart is what I try to do, I photograph that which I feel and find beautiful, while spreading my passion to the hearts of my subjects so that they can feel what I feel.  "My aim is not to capture any particular movement, but to express a sincere human feeling." - Vincent Van Gogh.  If I can achieve this through my subjects or through my viewers than I have succeeded.

Here are a few fine art photos that I took with my iphone...Like I said, beauty can be found all around us so thank God for technology for allowing me to be able to photograph my world.

Happy Wednesday!!!



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Anonymous said...

I should be going to sleep but I couldn't help but to leave a comment since I haven't done so in awhile...

I love what you blogged about, and how you portray yourself and what you create from life. Reading this reminded me of a quote I recently read by an author: "It is not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see." -Henry David Thoreau

I think it's awesome to look at life through someone else's eyes and that's exactly how I feel when I look at your work. I look forward to many more fine art pieces, and hope to hang one on my wall some day!

- Bee