Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just another one of those glory days...

No photos today people, but I was listening to JUST JACK - GLORY DAYS and the main course really stood out in my head and it went a little something like this..."It's just another one those glory days, jump out your bed, shake your head, clear the haze. Step out your house and prepare to be amazed. It's just another one of those glory days."

How awesome is that? We should all be waking up in the morning with a smile on our face because we are alive and there is so much to see in this world and in our lifetime. We need to stop taking things for granted, and appreciate the little things that may slip beneath our noses. You need to "step out your house and prepare to be amazed" by the world! Take it all in and enjoy it, life is too short to worry and stress over things that aren't that important.

How many times do you encounter a "so called disaster" and stress over it? Next time that happens, think about this: "Frame every so called disaster with these words: In 5 years, will this matter?" Your answer to that question should help you ease your mind.

Take a deep breath and smile because life is a gift, and we are only here once. Let's make the most of it :)



maria biancucci said...

well well well....i think i deserve a shout out for that so called disaster line... :)
well really...the 90 year old man does...but you know what im saying :) :) so glad you enjoyed it! maria xoxo

j. shipley said...

ah yes the simplicities in life. the small things. the in-betweens. i love that line "prepare to be amazed". we shall indeed!!!

Jasmine said...

What a great post...I'm always going to ask myself that question. In five years, will this matter? :)