Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just a some photos

Ok so, I came across this pretty cool saying...Some people may recognize it and others may not, regardless of the fact, I find it very inspiring and true. I'm trying to get better at this blogging thing, I want this to be more personal, unfortunately I don't think I am the greatest writer, I'm seriously contemplating hiring someone to write this all out for me, but where would the fun be in that??? Anyways, read this...I am sure a lot of you will like it.

And if you know where it's from, keep the secret to yourself, I don't really want word getting out, if you know what I mean ;)))

"Because even when your not sure where your headed, it helps to know your not going there alone. No one has all the answers and sometimes the best we can do is just apologize and let the past be the past. Other times we need to look to the future and know that even when we think we have seen it all, life can still surprise us and we can still surprise ourselves."

On another note, I have to leave you with some photos. I recently did a photoshoot for a hairstylist at Fortelli Hair Salon in Mississauga. Honestly a great group of people, but the man of the hour is a very talented gentleman who goes by the name of Toufic. He is entering a competition and he asked me to take some photos for him, and I agreed without hesitation. I was there all day, and it was a blast. I got to work with 2 awesome models, Jen and Caroline. Caroline was new at the whole "modeling" thing, but she pulled through and she had a good time. I look forward to doing some more work with Signore Toufic.

I hope you enjoyed this post, as always feedback is more than welcome...On anything...I would love to hear from you.



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j. shipley said...

awesome shots. and inspiring quote. so true.