Sunday, April 26, 2009


So I have decided to make my blog a little more personal!!! My mind is always full of positive lessons I learn every day, which I tend to always write down in my trusty iphone. Then I realized, why not share it with everyone? The goal is to get those followers who are interested in my work, also interested in me. I have people who have an incredible influence on me, and I would love to have that impact on just one person. Soooo, on that note, STAY TUNED to my blog, leave comments, become a follower. Every little ounce of support helps motivate me to keep doing what I am doing. Look for me on twitter! Julian Moniz

For now, I will show you a few photographs from a band photo session that I photographed last week. Roguesix, an up and coming band, with a ton of talent, and awesome charisma. Their drive is inspiring, and they are definitely headed in a positive direction. Definitely check out some of their stuff on myspace. It was their first professional shoot, and I have to admit, as unfamiliar and uncomfortable as they were in the beginning, they really pulled it off. Keep your eyes and ears open for this band!!!

I'm looking forward to their next photoshoot, when they are big and famous!!! Keep doing what your doing, and don't worry about the fame. As long as you love the music you are producing, and your fans recognize your passion, you will experience great success!!!



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