Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mike Mazza Photo shoot

What's going on everybody.

I just finished a photoshoot for a good friend of mine, Mike Mazza. Mike is a Muay Thai fighter and he invited me to his studio to photograph him. He is extremely busy with training for his upcoming fight on June 17th, so we had to do the shoot during one of his classes. Luckily the guys were understanding and a few of them even had the oppurtunity to participate.

The photos turned out to be really good considering the amount of time we had. Thanks Mikey and good luck on your fight.

I always have a blast doing photoshoots because each person has a different personality and it is a challenge for me to help them release their emotions, and expressions through their face's and bodies. Each time I photograph I learn something new and nothing beats learning. I can't wait until the next shoot.




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