Saturday, February 2, 2008

DJ M-Kutz!!!

What is up everybody...

First, I wanna thank everyone who has sent me a comment on facebook or contacted me in regards to my blog. It means a lot. I hope you keep coming back to check cuz I keep postin'!

Second, today I did a photoshoot for my buddy Dj M-Kutz. We photographed @ The Vault in Woodbridge. The store features exclusive collectors shoes, shirts, zip up jackets, hats and more. It's an awesome store. Thanks to the guys there for letting us use their venue for photos I am happy with how the shots came out.

DJ M-Kutz is the 3 time Toronto DMC champion, he is incredibly talented. He asked me to do his photoshoot because he is about to launch his new website which will be up and running shortly. DJ M-Kutz is getting his name out in the club scene. He has DJ'd @ various venues in the GTA and is constantly being called for shows. If you're interested in his work don't hesitate to contact me or visit his website as soon as its running.

Check out some photos from todays festivities!

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Anonymous said...

These pics are f'n amazing! Good job Julianster!!